Thursday 13 June 2013

Samsung Galaxy S5 to feature metalic unibody design,finally!!

According to the rumours floating around the web , Samsung has finally starting to feel the heat from rival devices such as the HTC One, the Sony Xperia Z and the iPhone 5, all of which use aluminium and/or glass and are widely seen as more premium or ‘classy’ than the Galaxy range.

Galaxy s5 mock-up

Of course, a unibody design has its drawbacks, namely the inability to remove the battery, which is bound to affect travellers and heavy users.
Also, all of this could be just a proposition, as Samsung itself said not very long ago that using plastic is what allows it to produce its handsets in the speed and volume required to meet demand.
The move to aluminium from plastic is though to be part of Samsung’s “Design 3.0” initiative to make its hero devices more competitive in physical attractiveness as much as software innovations.
Whatever the case, it will be a while before we will find out what Samsung’s planning, as we don’t expect the Galaxy S5 to be announced for until at least next Spring.
Do you think Samsung should make its devices out of glass or metal? Tell us why in the comments section below


  1. I think the plastic designs were better and light,htc one sucks

  2. r u crazy one is the best phone mankind has ever seen