Saturday 15 March 2014

Add MicroSD card to your Android device

Android manufacturers are now following the footsteps of Apple and removing expandable storage option from their devices.Popular devices like the Nexus series (Nexus 4,5,7) and the recently launched Motorola Moto G all lack the MicroSD card slot.
Heavy users tend to run out of fixed memory within a few days and need more storage for their Android smartphones/tablets.Well,now you can have it !!
Thanks to a kickstarter project,a company called meenova has launched an external card reader which lets you use MicroSD card on your Android tablets and smartphones.
The concept is simple,its like an SD/MicroSD card reader that you often use on your PC, except this one comes with a MicroUSB connector to plug into smartphones & tablets with MicroUSB port. Use it to play video/music on a MicroSD card. View photos/documents, copy and backup any and all of your files. Just like what you can do on a PC.
The card reader is available in 4 different colors,you will get a key chain connector and a MicroUSB to USB converter which will help you to use it with a PC.Attach this coin-size card reader to your keyring and take it anywhere you go. Never run out of storage space again.
the device is compatible with a majority of popular devices.However,root access and third party apps are required for Nexus 5.After the recent 174.44.1 build and 176.44.1 build of Android 4.4 (which re-enable USB-OTG) update,Moto G can use this reader without root access.
For a complete list of compatible devices check here.

The card reader supports  MicroSD, MicroSDHC, MicroSDXC up to 64GB  and costs $12 with $3 international shipping. Meenova is offering a 1 year limited warranty with the device.

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Wednesday 12 March 2014

How to Convert PDFs on Android for Free

PDF converters have always been very popular tools in the office. Converting PDFs into more editable formats like Microsoft Word or Excel is a must for many people who regularly receive information in the form of a PDF that needs to be edited further and analyzed.
And since PDFs can’t be edited, the best thing to do in such a situation is to convert them into a more editable format in order to free the trapped data. One of the most popular names in professional PDF conversion solutions is The company’s Able2Extract software is among the most powerful and popular on the market when it comes to professional PDF conversion tools.
The Able2Extract name has recently expanded its services to the mobile market, and now offers free PDF conversion tools for Android mobile device users.
Here are some of the key features of these great new apps-

Completely free
There are no strings attached. The Able2Extract PDF converter mobile app can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store. You can also get them from Investintech’s own site.

Very user-friendly
The app’s interface is very easy to understand and navigate, so even if you’ve never used a PDF conversion tool online or on mobile, you won’t have much of an issue using this application. It’s also designed to work on any Android or iOS device you own, whether it’s a phone or a tablet.

Popular conversion options
While Able2Extract Mobile might not give you all of the conversion options you get from the desktop software, all of the most popular ones are supported. You can use the app to convert PDFs into editable Excel, PowerPoint, Word and text files. Furthermore, you can reverse the process and turn those file types into PDFs with the app as well. It’s safe to say that it will probably be the only file conversion app you will ever need to install on your mobile device.

Accurate results
Since the mobile app operates with the same high-end technology used by the Able2Extract desktop software, you can expect accurate conversions every time that perfectly mirror the formatting of the original content.

Resource efficient
These conversions are not being performed by the app itself. The app sends the files to the Investintech online servers, where the conversion is completed. This means that the conversion process will not slow down your mobile device or drain your battery drastically.

Integrated sharing options
With one quick tap, you can share and send your converted files to friends and colleagues.

Guaranteed security
Both your original and converted files are deleted from the servers after a period of 24 hours. Furthermore, you’ll never have to give your email address or any other personal information in order to use the app.

2-Tap Conversion process

The conversion process couldn’t be any simpler. All it takes is two taps. Simply long-tap any file you want to have converted and then send it to the Able2Extract Mobile app. Once it appears in the file list, tap the conversion option you desire. And that’s all there is to it. The newly converted file will appear on your file list once the process is completed. 

Guest post by - Ana Stanojevic