**App Development Services Pricing**

At, we take pride in delivering top-notch app development services tailored to meet your unique business needs. Our pricing structure is designed to be flexible, transparent, and competitive. Please find below an overview of our app development services along with relevant and appropriate pricing:

1. **Basic App Development Package**

   - Ideal for small businesses or startups looking to establish a digital presence.

   - Features: Basic UI/UX design, essential functionality, and support.

   - Price: Starting from INR 4000.

2. **Standard App Development Package**

   - Suitable for businesses with moderate requirements and functionalities.

   - Features: Enhanced UI/UX design, additional features, compatibility testing, and support.

   - Price: Starting from INR 10000.

3. **Advanced App Development Package**

   - Comprehensive solution for businesses with complex requirements and advanced functionalities.

   - Features: Customized UI/UX design, advanced features, rigorous testing, maintenance, and support.

   - Price: Starting from INR 50000.

4. **E-commerce App Development Package**

   - Tailored for businesses aiming to establish or enhance their online presence.

   - Features: E-commerce functionality, secure payment integration, user-friendly interface, and ongoing support.

   - Price: Starting from INR 10000.

5. **Custom App Development**

   - For businesses with specific and unique requirements.

   - Features: Tailored development, specialized functionalities, integration with third-party services, and ongoing support.

   - Price: Customized based on project scope and requirements.

6. **App Maintenance and Support**

   - Ongoing support and maintenance services for existing apps.

   - Features: Bug fixes, updates, security patches, and technical support.

   - Pricing: Monthly subscription starting from INR 1500.

7. Mobile phone and accessories :

    Prices will be displayed along with the merchandise listing  

    Prices are subject to change based on market conditions and other relevant factors.

    Any adjustments will be reflected on our website, and the price at the time of purchase is considered        final.

    We are committed to providing competitive pricing within these defined ranges, ensuring that our             customers can easily find products that meet their needs and budget. For any questions or further     assistance regarding our pricing, please feel free to contact our customer support team.

8.Turn Around Time (TAT) for Shipping/Delivery:

    At ExtremeDroid, we are committed to providing efficient and timely delivery services to our valued        customers. The Turn Around Time (TAT) for shipping and delivery is the period between the placement     of an order and the dispatch of the products from our warehouse.

    Standard TAT:

    Our standard Turn Around Time for shipping is 1-2 business days from the date of order confirmation.


- Prices mentioned above are starting points and may vary based on the complexity and scope of your project.

- Customization options are available for each package to better suit your business requirements.

- A detailed project consultation is recommended to provide an accurate quote based on your specific needs.

**Contact Us for a Custom Quote:**

For personalized quotes, project consultations, or additional information, please contact our sales team at []

Thank you for considering for your app development needs. We look forward to turning your ideas into innovative and functional digital solutions.


The ExtremeDroid Team


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